Where You Should Put the Stuff You Don’t Need If You Can’t Sell Them

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Most people I know have accumulated or inherited material things that they no longer need or want (otherwise known as junk). Especially for all you hoarders out there. Now I’ve never been one to hoard things but I recently moved and surprisingly found so much junk that I did not need. If you know somebody that would want the things you no longer want, then by all means give it to them. Another popular option is to sell your unwanted stuff on websites like eBay  or Craigslist .

If the weather is nice, some people I know have held garage sales. And I know people that have lived for going to garage/tag sales. Back in the day, my mother and aunt would spend their entire weekends in Upstate, NY trying to find garage sales to shop for stuff they did not need. I would even go as far as saying they were addicted to going to garage sales. If there was a specific support group that existed for this, I wish I had known about it back then.

Another place to sell your stuff is at your local Pawn Shop. I’ve never bought or sold anything from a Pawn Shop so I don’t have the experience to talk about them. I think it’s because I never lived near one. But from what I’ve seen on TV and the movies, it seems like the shop owners can be selective in what they will buy from you.

Or you can leave the stuff you no longer want or need in the corner collecting dust. People that live in a dense city like me do not have this luxury.


Now if nobody wants your stuff and you can’t even give it away for free and you don’t want it collecting dust and taking up precious space in your home, then I have a great option for you. Instead of just throwing these things out in the trash and getting absolutely nothing for them, instead you can donate them to charity.

I used to live a few blocks from a Housing Works and every so often I would take bags of stuff (usually clothes) and donate them. You can request a donation form, list all the things you donated with the fair market value (this number is at your discretion) and now you can use this amount as a write off during tax season (make sure to keep your donation forms in a safe place where you can easily find them during tax season and consult with a tax professional).

Charities will take most anything that you don’t need. You can even donate large pieces of furniture. Just call your nearest charitable organization and most will be happy to pick them up for you (inquire if there is a fee involved). Just make sure you request a donation form.  So now somebody in need can benefit from the things you no longer want and you get a tax write off on top of it. It’s a win win situation in my book.


Tip: I’ve been told that you should not exceed a $500 amount per donation as it may raise a red flag with the IRS. So spread out your donations throughout the year and again, consult with a tax professional.


If you know an even better place to stash all your unwanted possessions, please feel free to share.



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