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My coworker told me about MoviePass. He can see a movie at the theater every single day for $9.95 a month. At first I was skeptical because it sounded too good to be true. But he’s a reliable source when it comes to getting good deals so I immediately signed up.

The sign up process took me two minutes. Just go to and enter your email, password, first/last name and address. Within a few weeks, I got my MoviePass card in the mail and I just saw my first movie at the theater using it.



It was such a great deal. A movie usually costs $15 a ticket and the MoviePass costs $9.95 month so it already paid for itself and then some just after one use!  I plan on seeing as many movies as I can in the theater, especially since the Oscar season is right around the corner.

It was also super easy to use. I just checked into the movie theater using the App and then I paid with my MoviePass card at any kiosk. Your movie ticket is printed and you are good to go.


What is MoviePass?

MoviePass is a movie subscription service where you pay $9.95 month. You can then see a movie at a participating MoviePass movie theater.  You can use it every day if you want.  Think of it like a Netflix membership, except this is used to see movies at the theater.

You can download the app for free and immediately check if the movie theaters in your location supports it before you sign up.  I live in NYC and I think every single movie theater around me supports MoviePass.


How Does MoviePass work?

1 – Go to and sign up* (You will be charged $9.95 at sign up but your billing cycle will not start until you see your first movie)

2 – Download the MoviePass app from the App Store or Google Play Store

3 – Get your MoviePass card in the mail

4 – Go to the theater. Use the App to check in to a movie and showtime

5 – Purchase your ticket with your MoviePass card at the kiosk. Enjoy the show!



Here is what I think of MoviePass since I have been using it.



  • MoviePass can be used at over 4000 theaters nationwide
  • It pays for itself and then some after just one use
  • No blackout dates. See a new movie everyday. You can even go on opening night
  • No commitment. You can cancel at any time
  • Your billing cycle does not start until you see your first movie



  • I had to wait 3 weeks until I got my MoviePass card in the mail (They are having a hard time keeping up with the demand)
  • The MoviePass app has an E – Ticket option but all the movie theaters around me does not support it yet. So you have to use the MoviePass credit card in order to purchase your ticket. Having the E-Ticket option would make this service even more convenient and superior
  • You can only see 2D movies with your MoviePass subscription. 3D and IMAX movies are not included
  • There are no family plans available. You can only purchase a MoviePass subscription on an individual basis (if you are a couple, each of you must purchase your own MoviePass. The same goes for each family member)
  • I am not sure how they will be able to sustain the $9.95 month price. I have a feeling the monthly subscription price will increase indefinitely over time


Click here to sign up for your MoviePass. At this low monthly price, it really is a no brainer to get it.


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