I Still Pay for Cable TV Because It Saves Me Money

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I am not one of those people that have finally cut the cord and live without watching TV.  I know many people that no longer have a television because the cost of cable TV is astronomical.  I can absolutely relate to them because I pay that big cable bill every month.

I wish I can be one of those people that can just quit watching TV cold turkey. But I am not. Those people spend their free time reading, going to museums or anything else that is way more productive than sitting at home watching TV and movies for hours like I do.  This post is not about how you can cut out your cable bill completely and save hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year.  I’m not at that point yet.

I still have cable TV because I really do think it saves me more money every month.  I’ll tell you how and why in a bit.

I’ve tried cutting corners with my cable bill. I know many people that only pay for their internet service and then use an online streaming account that they watch their TV shows on. But those platforms are not good enough for me yet. I am kind of a TV snob. I watch a lot of shows and having only a few channels or streaming networks to choose from does not cut it for me.

I do call my cable company almost every month to see if I qualify for any new promotions that can lower my bill and it’s worked several times already. I recommend that everyone should try that if you are paying for a cable TV package like I still am. You can read more about that here.

There are people that have a ‘jailbroken’ TV contraption that lets them stream and watch every movie and TV show that their hearts desire. But I don’t have that either, although I should look into it. But that’s a different story.

So why does it seem like I am the only person that still pays for cable TV?  It’s because I am a TV junkie. Yes, I am very self-aware. I love watching TV. It relaxes me and makes me happy. I can sit for hours on end watching reruns of classic TV shows like Roseanne and the Golden Girls. I love watching movies and programs on the AMC channel and HBO and all the other networks that show movies.

In the wintertime, you can almost always find me sitting on the couch watching TV if I am not at work or working on this blog. Maybe I need to get a life? But I’ve done everything in terms of going out and now I’d rather just sit at home and watch TV with my partner and my dog.  I live in NYC where there are tons of things to do and see, but I’d rather sit home and watch TV. It’s mainly because I feel like I’ve seen it all already.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve gotten sick and tired of always going out. I hate big crowds and I avoid tourists that are always in my city. I think Manhattan is just full of tourists these days, especially during the holidays.  I can’t help but feel that ‘I’ve been there, done that’.  All I want to do now is avoid it.

When I am out, I am usually completely bored out of my mind.  In fact, at times I think to myself I’d rather be home watching TV then being out wherever I am.  Should I check myself into a TV junkies anonymous program?



I know what going out is all about and I am not missing anything by staying in. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll go out every now and then. I’m not a complete hermit…yet. But the weather outside has to be agreeable as I am a very weather driven person. I am known to cancel plans when it is raining outside. Yes, I melt in the rain.

But the one thing I never get sick of is sitting at home and watching TV.  It’s my safe space. I actually look forward to weekends where I don’t have to do or go anywhere but sit home and watch TV all day and all night. Do I need to get professional help? I am not condoning my lifestyle to anyone. I know I should probably be more active and go to the gym or something, but that’s a different story.

So this brings me to my point that paying for my cable TV actually saves me money. Why? Because if I didn’t sit home and watch TV, I would be out spending way more money on food, drinks, theater tickets, cabs, subway fare and whatever else.  I know everyone has their vices. Mine happens to be watching TV and movies.  People spend their money on drugs, booze, cigarettes, marijuana etc. (I am not condoning that behavior either) But those activities cost way more money than the cable bill that I pay every month.

I save about $500 month by not going out to eat. Read more about that here.  I know people that dine out almost on a daily basis. That adds up pretty quickly, especially in an expensive city like New York.  That is how I justify paying for my cable bill every month. If I was not watching cable TV, I would be out spending more money on other things (Not drugs) that would end up costing more money than my cable bill.

I went out to eat at a nice restaurant the other day and the bill was about $45 bucks a person.  So I was thinking, two more meals out at this price would pay for my cable TV bill for the month. That’s pretty insane if you think about it. And just for the record, I have curbed my dining out habit to only once or twice a month max.

Which again brings me to the conclusion that watching cable TV instead of dining out and drinking, saves me more money in the long run.  So if you are still paying for cable TV and you don’t go out as often because of it, you are actually saving money.  Just try to get more exercise in. I am going to practice what I preach in regards to that.

My ultimate goal is to find something other than binge-watching TV and movies that brings me the same amount of comfort and joy. But at a fraction of the cost. I’m open to any ideas.


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