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If you haven’t been living under a rock then I’m sure you’ve noticed a ton of retail stores have been closing down for good.  It seems like all of them have gone under or are struggling to stay open. Sears, JC Penny and a bunch of other stores come to mind.

I was in a car driving through a busy street and I saw so many retail spaces that are available for rent. Spaces that were in strip malls are now empty and deserted. Well, most of them are anyway.  It actually made me sad seeing all of these retail store closures going on.

I thought to myself, why is there such a ruckus about coal mining jobs in this country? I think the bigger problem is the retail jobs that are no longer there.

Once upon a time I was young and I used to work an Old Navy when I was in college in Manhattan. At that time, it was the only Old Navy store open in the entire city. And it was super cool to wear their brand. So it was always packed, especially on the weekends.  I had so much fun working there and the time would go by so fast because we were always so busy assisting customers.

I have so many great memories during my time working at Old Navy.  In present day, I walked into the same store a few weeks ago and I saw that it was dead. The long lines were no more and I barely saw any employees on the floor.  Since I’ve worked there, a bunch of Old Navy stores have opened in the city but also the demand for it has gone downhill.  I think the days of when retail stores could pack customers all in are gone with the wind.  With the exception of Black Friday.

Today, people have gotten so lazy when it comes to shopping. I really can’t blame them though because I am one of them.  If you are like me, then you also hate to deal with crowds, long lines and people in general. I try to avoid them as much as I can, especially during the holidays.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

I try and do all of my shopping online. And using services like Ebates you‘ll get cash back on almost everything you buy.  Online shopping is so quick, easy and convenient. It’s no wonder all of these physical retail stores are going bankrupt.

So I got to thinking about this changing landscape of the retail industry. With all these store closures, all the jobs that come with it will follow suit. If you were working or want to work in the retail industry, I think the best place to find jobs is within the online retail and mail/package delivery industries.

Sites like Amazon have revolutionized the shopping experience. You never have to leave your bed to buy anything anymore. You just make a few clicks on your phone or computer and whatever you bought will be delivered right to your door in a few days. Sometimes even on the same day.

Having said that, why not look for jobs working for a company like Amazon? It doesn’t just have to be with Amazon. There is a ton of other online retailers that you can look into. Or if you are an entrepreneur, start your own online store and sell crap to the masses like these other big companies do.

People will just get lazier and lazier and fatter and fatter, so look for jobs and opportunities around these facts so you can capitalize on them.

I think jobs within the mail/package delivery industry will also be booming. This industry still needs people to deliver all the crap that people buy online (well, maybe drones will be used more and replace humans eventually to deliver packages, but I don’t think that will happen in the very near future).  So if you are looking for a new career, or just for a new job, look into working with the the USPS, FedEx and UPS.

I hear all the time that robots will be replacing almost every single job. Well, maybe that is true but I don’t think that will happen in our lifetime so I really don’t care.  I think there is still a lot to be done before a robot is doing my job and yours.

This article was meant to give you ideas on which industries to look for work in.  Now that the traditional retail store space is coming to a close, you need to be creative and think ahead. Figure out what the next big trends are and dive into it.  Be ahead of the curve and have the vision that most people don’t have or think about. Now I need to follow my own advice on that front.

Not so long ago, many people would refuse to buy clothes online because they needed to try them on or feel the material before they bought them.  This was a big problem within the online retail industry.

But guess what, the problem has been solved. With creative thinking and marketing, now there are several online companies like the Trunk Club that will mail you a bunch of clothes in a box. You try them on at home and you return the clothes that you don’t want. And you only pay for the clothes you keep.

See, that is a perfect, creative solution for people that were afraid to buy clothes online.  And it’s also another industry where you can look for jobs in.

Another industry that also has taken a hit from the internet is the restaurant /food business. More people prefer getting their meals delivered to their homes rather than going out to restaurants.  All these online food and delivery companies have come out of nowhere. You have seamless, delivery and grubhub just to name a few.

There are also a bunch of online grocery stores and meal prep companies that will deliver the fresh food ingredients to your door that you will need to make a 5 star culinary masterpiece.

More and more people never want to leave their homes anymore. Why should they if they can get everything delivered to their door step?  I include myself in that group.

Having said all that, there are tons of opportunities to be had by all of these changing factors. See if you can come up with any ideas to make the current process any better. Even the slightest improvements and modifications can make you millions of dollars.  Maybe there is a demographic that is not being addressed?  Reach out to them, find out what their needs are and develop a solution for them.

We as humans are continually evolving. If we didn’t, we still would be riding in a horse and buggy.

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