How I Got My FICO Score Up to 850

    Most people know that your FICO (also known as your credit score) is super important. It can determine if you can get a mortgage, car loan and even a job. Believe it or not, some employers will check a candidate’s credit score before they make them a job offer. Most major credit card

How to Pay Yourself First Automatically

  Did anyone ever hear the term, ‘Pay Yourself First’?  It is essential to learn this term for anyone that wants to better their financial life.  For income that I receive, I have several automatic deductions that take place before I even get to see the remainder of my income amount. One of my auto

13 Super Easy Ways to Save Big Money

    Being ‘Economically Sensitive’ will force someone to think creatively when it comes to saving money.  For me, when I know I saved money it makes me feel great. I can put those savings into better use, like towards a tropical vacation or putting it in my investment account so my money can grow

7 Investment Products That Can Make You Rich

Warren Buffet said, “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” To me, this is what investing is all about. I am writing this post for experienced and new investors that want a fresh perspective and are looking to start investing in stocks online.  Giving up something