How to Get What You Really Want Just By Thinking About It

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You’ve heard the term, “Be Careful What you Wish For”, right? Because you might just get it. I firmly believe if you really want something, the universe will do everything it can to make it happen for you. Call me crazy but I’ve seen this happen many times in my own life that I will discuss below.


I know many people reading this will say, ‘well, I want to win the lotto, so all I have to do is think about it and it will happen?’ Nope, that’s not how it works. But maybe it does? I’m still waiting to win the lotto and I think about it a lot.


I think your subconscious plays a huge role in getting anything that you want. When I was a teenager, I wanted nothing more than to move out of my parents’ house and start living on my own. I know everyone wants this, nothing original there. But I thought about it almost everyday, got jobs all throughout high school and college and I saved and saved and saved some more.


By the time I graduated college, I was still living in my parents’ house.  In NYC, it’s more than difficult to move into your own space unless you have at least 3 roommates and living somewhere far outside Manhattan. I did not want that. I wanted my own apartment in the city with no roommates. So after I got my first real job working in Finance IT, I saved some more money while living in my parents’ house. All I kept thinking about was moving the hell out.


After about a year from graduating college and working and saving, I was finally able to move into my very own studio apartment in downtown Manhattan. The building had an elevator and a doorman to boot.  The rest of my independent life started from there.


I tell this story because it’s a prime example of that saying, ‘if there is a will, there is a way’.  Looking back now, I know I was doing pretty well having my very own apartment in Manhattan at age 22. I didn’t have a trust fund and I did it all on my own.  But I did it because I really wanted it and in my mind, I was subconsciously doing everything I could to make this happen. I forged ahead and found a way.


In college, I majored in Computer Information Systems because I knew the jobs in that field would pay well which would make it possible for me to move out of my parents’ house.


Your mind is a very powerful force and when you put your energy into something you want (even subconsciously), it could and most likely will happen for you.  These things will not happen for you overnight. They can take years and years but if you still want it after so long, the universe working alongside with you, will find a way to get it.


Another thing that I really wanted in my life was to travel. After graduating from college I was able to travel all throughout Western Europe on the cheap. But I was able to go to all the cities I have ever dreamed of like Paris, Venice and Amsterdam to name a few.


I’ve also always wanted to stay in one of those over the water bungalows. And just last year my wish came true as I vacationed in the Philippines and stayed in one of those bungalows for 5 nights. I usually take 4 to 5 trips every year. Now I like to go to warm destinations during the New York winter months.


The power of thought can relate to anything really. A new job, house, relationship, having children, travel, making money, etc. You just have to keep wanting it and keep thinking about it and it will eventually find its way to you. Your thoughts will dictate your actions and that will eventually lead you to your goals.


Looking back on my life thus far, I can honestly say I have gotten everything that I have REALLY wanted. I say the ‘really’ part because if I thought I had wanted something, but then after some time I didn’t want it anymore, I usually never got it.


Some things I really want in my future are continued good health, continued financial stability, continue to travel for leisure, and to be around people & pets that genuinely care about me and vice versa.


What are some of the things you really want for yourself? Think about it long and hard and when the time comes (usually when you least expect it), everything you really want may just come your way.



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