Health is Wealth: 8 Ways to be Healthier So You Can Enjoy Your Money

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I’ve always said that I’d rather be broke then wake up every day feeling like I have the flu. I absolutely hate being sick. I do everything that I possibly can to avoid it. I wash my hands several times a day and I always keep hand sanitizers close by. Maybe I am just a little OCD? If anyone sneezes around me, I will hold my breath and not breathe until I move away. Seems ridiculous right? But I have not gotten the flu in over 7 years. I hope I didn’t just jinx myself. When I do get sick however, I am the biggest, most miserable baby that has ever lived.  I just feel like giving up on life and dying a quick death.

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Many people in my family have suffered from strokes, which has left them in an almost vegetative state. My late mother and aunt have both fell victim to strokes and it has literally ruined their lives. Not to mention the constant strain and stress it has left my family under. My other fear besides being homeless on the street is suffering from a stroke and ending up like a vegetable. All the hard work and the money I have saved and invested would have been for nothing because I would not be able to enjoy it at all. Having said that, I try to do everything that I can to stay healthy so I can enjoy what I have cultivated and worked so hard for. One of my life goals is to die healthy.

Here are 8 tips that I practice to stay healthy.  They can also reduce your overall health care costs in the long run.

1 – Schedule a physical appointment with your doctor at least once a year

I believe if my mom and aunt saw their physicians’ regularly, they would have never suffered from a stroke. I know that’s a big statement to make but I remember my mother never going to the doctor for anything. I don’t know why? Maybe she was afraid of them or just too lazy to go? She had health insurance so it was not a money issue. People need to get their vitals checked annually, especially as we get older.  This could very well be a lifesaving tip as doctors can run tests to detect things going on in your body long before you even feel something is wrong with you. They can prescribe meds or change your behaviors to save your life. If my mom went to her doctor regularly, maybe her stroke could have been prevented. But we will never know now.

2 – Don’t smoke cigarettes or quit already

Just stop smoking. I know it’s easier said than done but it’s just bad news all around. Cigarettes cost a ton a pack now and they smell bad and it’s just gross. Studies have consistently shown they are just downright unhealthy for you, plus smokers get charged more on insurance. They can actually be denied in some cases. So it’s just a lose lose situation if you are a cigarette smoker.

3 – Exercise

Whether it be a 30 minute walk or a 30 minute sprint, just incorporate some exercises in your life.  If you are just starting out, try walking for 20 minutes a day, 3x a week and build up from there. It’s all about starting somewhere. Getting exercise also counteracts feelings of depression. I always feel so much better about myself after I have done some kind of physical activity for the day. Consult with your doctor on some exercises that would benefit your body type and medical condition.

4 –   Don’t get overweight

There are so many studies that show being overweight can cut your life short. So I always try to get some exercise and watch my meal portions. Another motivating factor for me to not get fat is that I am economically sensitive. I do not want to spend more money on new clothes if I go up a size or 10.

5 – Get enough sleep

I read somewhere recently that winning the lotto and getting a full night’s sleep yields the same amount of happiness for people. There’s a new craze going on for people to get better sleep. It seems everyone is recommending it lately. I always need 7 hours of sleep every night otherwise I’ll get cranky. I also like to take naps. I always feel so replenished after a 20 minute nap.  Studies have shown sleep repairs the body. So get more sleep in people.

6 – Watch your alcohol consumption

I’ve heard people say alcohol is poison to the body. But I have also read studies that show one glass of wine a day is beneficial to your health. I personally like to have a glass of wine every other day. But I tend to overdo it on special occasions, but that’s another story. Over consumption of alcohol can lead to excessive weight gain and liver problems, so I try and watch how much I drink. Also, drink responsibly people.

7 – Don’t do drugs

I feel like an after school special but I have say illicit drugs are bad for your health. I don’t do drugs and I never have. All I know is that it’s bad for you and I hear they cost a lot of money. So put that money in your emergency fund instead.

8 – Practice some form of meditation

I find myself constantly anxious and I worry and stress over things, especially as I get older.  So instead of turning to prescribed meds, I try and meditate 20 minutes a day. Numerous studies have shown that mediation is beneficial to the mind and body. Meditation is even getting incorporated in some elementary schools. If you are new to meditation, try starting out with 5 minutes a day.


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