About Me

Spread the Money

I’ve been a Money Guru since I was 9 years old and I’m launching this blog to help people make better decisions with their money. Let’s face it, money can make everyone’s lives better.  I would say money DOES NOT BUY happiness, but it can definitely make your life easier. I know for a fact that once you feel secure with your money, you will feel more confident in everything else that you do.

I want to share all the tips, habits, advice and articles (basically all the financial wisdom) that I have learned about building wealth that can benefit everybody that wants to save more, make more and ultimately live their best financial self.  You need to have money work FOR YOU.

I purchased my first apartment in Manhattan at the age of 24 and I have never paid a penny in credit card interest.  I’ve been able to save years worth of an emergency fund and also contribute towards my retirement accounts while travelling the world.

If you are interested in learning how to have a better relationship with your money, then please follow me and check back here often. I am always interested in hearing everyone’s financial journey.  I would also love to share, interview and post people’s experiences with regards to money. We are all a work in financial progress and we have a lot to learn, including myself.

Now let’s start learning about building wealth and how to make money work for us.