7 Things to Do with the Gifts You Don’t Want

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The second after someone opens a gift on Christmas or Hanukah, two things usually goes through a person’s mind about the gift:

1 – ‘I love it’

2 – ‘I hate it and I can’t wait to get rid of it’

At least, those are the two things that go through my mind.  If you are like me, then you know what I am talking about.  I usually like the gifts that I receive, but there are times when I say to myself, ‘what were they thinking?’

At that point, I think of all the different things I can do with that gift instead of it collecting dust and taking up valuable space in my home.  So if you get a gift you don’t like, then try some of these options. You may even get really into it and start decluttering your home and make money off the things you no longer need or want.


Return or Exchange gifts for store credit or cash

When I get a gift that I am not crazy about, I am hoping that it came with a gift receipt. I believe almost every retail store offers gift receipts upon request.  Having this makes it so much easier to go to the store that they purchased the gift from and either exchange it for another item or get store credit.

Some stores even offer the cash back value on the gift you are returning. But every store has different policies on returns/exchanges, so ask the store clerk or customer service dept. before doing so.


Re gift

I think everyone has either re gifted a gift or received a gift that was a re gift.  There is nothing wrong with re gifting as long as it’s unused. Or you’re not re gifting something that was a family heirloom or something of that nature.

Re gifting is great because it saves you the money from buying another gift for somebody.  For example, if you get a sweater for Christmas that you don’t like, why not re gift it to somebody else? You can give that sweater as a birthday gift or give it as a Christmas gift for next year. Just look at it as saving money on buying another gift.

Just make sure you don’t re gift the gift to the person that gave it to you.  Unless you want to intentionally insult them.



If you received an electronic gadget as a gift that you don’t need, you can sell it for cash back on gazelle.com.  You can sell cell phones, tablets, MacBooks, and Apple TV’s on this site.

This is how gazelle.com works:

1 – You get an offer on the product you’re selling (takes less than a minute)

2 – You ship it for free

3 – You get paid fast by Amazon gift card, PayPal or check

So if you receive a new iPad for Christmas and you have an older one collecting dust, selling the older one on gazelle.com is the best thing to do with it.



Selling your things on Ebay is one of the best ways to get money for the things you don’t need. I know someone that has sold a bunch of baby clothes that she received as gifts on Ebay. She did not need the extra baby clothes so why not sell them on Ebay?  

Ebay is a person to person auction site for those who don’t know. You can bid on things that you want or sell things that you don’t need to the highest bidder.  You can buy or sell almost anything on Ebay.  It’s another great way for getting some cash back for the things that you don’t need.  If you haven’t tried it out yet, give it a whirl. Check out Ebay here.



Listing the things you don’t want or need on Craigslist.org is another great option.  It’s a fairly simple and basic website. You just navigate to the ‘for sale’ category that the item you are selling falls under and post it. Take a picture of the item and list how much you want for it.

I’ve sold a few things on craigslist. But I’ve always met the buyer at a public place like at a Starbucks. Maybe I am just paranoid, but I don’t like strangers knowing where I live. Obviously this only works for smaller items you are selling. If you are selling a washer/dryer unit, then the buyer must come to your home and pick them up.


Facebook Marketplace

The FB Marketplace is all the rage. I can’t stop hearing how many people have quit their day jobs and make a full time living from selling things on this platform.  It’s a location based app within Facebook.

When you launch FB Marketplace, you will immediately see pictures of items that are being sold within a few miles radius from where you are.  If you are interested in an item, you just click on the picture and follow the simple instructions on how to purchase it. Usually you will need to go to the seller’s house and pick the item up.

Many items are listed for free.  The seller just wants you to pick it up from their home.  Not bad if you are close to the seller and you can get something for free. But take into consideration the distance and the amount of gas you will need to spend to get to and from the seller’s home.

Selling items on FB Marketplace is very easy. You just launch the app within Facebook and follow the directions to sell an item. You take a picture of it, list the price you want for it and it gets posted. When people within a several mile radius from you logs into the app, they will see your item for sale. If they are interested in your item, they’ll click on the picture of it and the rest is self-explanatory.   You get the picture.

FB Marketplace is another great idea for what you should do with gift items you don’t want or need. If you get the hang of it, you can start selling all the other thigs you don’t use or need in your home.  Hey, maybe you can join the countless others who have made extra income doing this on the side.

If you see an item listed for free or at a low cost on FB Marketplace, buy it and turnaround and sell it for a higher price.



Donating the gifts you don’t want to charity is one of the best things you can do. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. If you don’t want or need something, why not donate it so that somebody else can use it?

It’s great for your karma and it will feed your soul, especially during the holidays. Just make sure you get a tax write form from the charity organization you are donating to so you can use it to deduct it from your income taxes.  Read more about it here.


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