7 Habits of Highly Successful People

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I’ve been around successful entrepreneurs and top level executives for many years.  I’ve asked them and have observed some of the habits that have launched them to the top of their game. I am hoping to have future posts where I interview some of these people so that I can further pick their brain and share their wisdom with you.

Everybody wants to be better at what they do including myself. I have listed the top 7 habits that I see consistently practiced by people that have a proven track record in their line of business.  I believe if you try and incorporate some or all of these habits into your professional life, you will become a better performer and maybe even be more satisfied with your output and efficiency.

Here are the top 7 habits that highly successful people have in common.


They look at the big picture

Successful people are always looking ahead. They want to see how far they can take things and they see their potential as endless. If there was a record that was set, they will want and try to break it. There are no limits in their minds and they always seem to be pushing the boundaries. To me, this translates as being confident.  Successful people must be confident as they usually promise and deliver big. They are never satisfied in their current state. They always feel they can do better and look for ways to improve themselves or their company. They see where they are today and will do everything and anything they can to be in a better place in the following year. Whether that be having stronger numbers in terms of revenue growth or being in a better and higher positon within their workplace.


They don’t sweat the small stuff

Highly successful people do not care about the small minor details related to their work.  They usually outsource, delegate or hire other people to take care of these things for them.  If they had to worry about the small minor details, how would they be able to concentrate on expanding their business?  In other words, they are more interested in thinking about the bigger picture.

So if your current job has you working on the minor details, your goal should be to transition out of that position.  You will always be stuck at sweating the small stuff and you will not be able to grow. Take the steps necessary to be in a position where you can start thinking about the bigger picture and let somebody else worry about the minor details for you.


They network network network

Successful people like being around other successful people. They cultivate and forge relationships that can and will benefit them in the future.  Networking is how many people find their next jobs. It was because they knew somebody in the company.  Successful people are always networking. The more people they know the better. They have the mentality of ‘If you scratch my back, then ill scratch yours’.  You never know when you will need that favor so networking acts almost like a safety net.  Doesn’t success seem to always come down to whom you know?  So be nice and helpful to whomever you come across in your professional life.  Don’t burn down any bridges. It may come back to haunt you and hinder your opportunities.


They are not afraid of failure or making mistakes

Successful people make tons of mistakes, they just don’t repeat the same ones.  They look at their failures and setbacks as learning opportunities. They take that lesson and apply it to their next endeavor. When they do fail, they get right back up and look for their next opportunity. No muss no fuss. In the end, their mistakes and failures have actually made them stronger as that experience has been added to their wealth of knowledge.

Don’t be afraid of failure. Take calculated risks and just go for it. In my opinion, it’s the best way to grow and learn.


They are a pro at time management

Successful people are superb at prioritizing their work. They know to focus on larger, more important projects and tasks earlier in the day when they are most productive. They plan their days and weeks that works best for them.  They also know how to unplug from work. They need this time to reenergize so they can perform at their best when they do return to work.


They never stop learning new things

To keep up with the competition, successful people are constantly learning new things that will benefit them.  The world is always changing (especially technology) and they want to be ahead of the curve and capitalize on those changes. In order to do that, they need to be open to new solutions and new methods that will keep them in the game. If they stop learning new things, they will fall behind and no longer be relevant.

Think of your brain as a muscle. If you stop using it, it will become weak and brittle. In order to exercise your brain, keep learning new things.


They are optimistic

In the spirit of Warren Buffet, ‘there are more than 8 billion people in this world. Most of these people are seeking a better life for themselves and their families’.  Successful people are optimistic. They know there are endless opportunities out there. They just need to identify those opportunities and execute the best business plan against them.

I know at times it can be difficult to remain optimistic about your financial situation. But remember to take comfort in the fact that we are all in this together. We share the same common goals to having a better life and making more money.  If we all help each other out in achieving these goals, we will all be successful people.



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