6 Ways to Save Money on Halloween Costumes

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It’s that fun time of year again. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year. I love watching scary movies, seeing all the scary decorations and eating/drinking pumpkin anything (I know a lot of people hate pumpkin flavored things but I don’t care, it’s only once a year).

I also love dressing up in a costume but we all know it can get expensive. Especially if you have little kids to dress up for the occasion.  I walked into a Halloween Pop Up store in my neighborhood and I saw some costumes going for $75 bucks and more! I have to say though, they were pretty cool looking costumes. But they better be at those prices.

I think spending that kind of money to wear something for one day is a little scary (pun intended). Especially if you are on a budget and trying to save money and you have a ton of debt.   So I came up with a list of how you can save money on your Halloween costumes this year.


Make Your Own Costumes

This one is a no brainer and requires a little creativity.  If you are good at sewing (I’m not) than you can really put together a cool costume yourself. Take some old clothes and some makeup and go as a clown or something.

Take whatever you have in your closets and make it work for you and your kids. The best way to inspire creativity is being broke. So if you are on a budget, I am sure you can find something you already have in your house and make an awesome costume out of it.

If your kids were recently in a school play, take that costume and jazz it up a bit for them to wear while Trick or Treating.

If not, just take an old bed sheet, poke two holes in them and go as Casper the Friendly Ghost.



Go to a Dollar Tree or Thrift Store

Going to the Dollar Tree or a Thrift store is one of my favorite things to do. You can find so many useful things for the best prices.  This includes Halloween costumes.  Some of these stores sell costumes for $10 bucks or less. I think those are a pretty good deal.

But if you can’t find costumes for that low price, the next best thing is to find the cheapest accessories and build a costume out of them. The goal here is to spend less than $10 bucks to put together a costume.

There are million things you can buy at these stores to make a creative costume with. You can also add a few accessories to the costume you are going to make at home from my previous tip.



Borrow old Costumes from your Friends or Family

Your friends or family most likely will not wear the same Halloween costumes as they did from last year. So why not borrow it for yourself this year?  The same goes for your kids. Your families can even trade costumes with each other if they are also on a budget.

Just add a few different accessories to change up the theme a bit and you can make it look like a completely different costume.



Rummage Through Your Parents’ Closet

I am sure everyone can find a ‘Blast from the Past’ in their parent’s closets.  Wouldn’t being a disco queen or an 80’s rock star make a cool costume?  No need to buy something new to look like that, just go through your parents’ or an old relatives’ closet.

I have no doubt you will be able to find something crazy funny that would make a pretty cool costume for yourself and for your kids.  And the best part is that it’s for free.



Modify Your Costume from Last Year

I know wearing the same Halloween costume from last year is a bit tacky but you’re on a budget here. You can always change it up a bit by adding different accessories to your costume (Go back to tip #2). Remember, creativity is key.

Who will actually remember the costume you wore from last year anyway?  Unless they look at old pictures. But that’s why you can modify your outfit and still look like you are wearing something original.



Buy a Costume on Nov 1st

Usually on the day after Halloween, retailers will slash the prices on their inventory up to 75% or more. They need to get rid of all their Halloween related products to make room for the upcoming holiday items.

So why not snag a Halloween costume for next year? This is the best way to get a professional looking costume for almost free. This can be tricky if you are buying for a child because you are not sure if the costume will fit them in a year.  And if it doesn’t, then you just wasted a few bucks.

The best thing to do for children is buy a costume that is at least a size bigger for them now.  It could be a tad bit larger on them next year, but you can make it work. Just use safety pins to make it fit better. Hey, you won’t be able to beat the price of a costume that is sold the day after Halloween.


Having fun doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. I actually have more fun knowing I didn’t spend too much money.  So follow my above tips, save money on your costumes and have a Happy Halloween!



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