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Being ‘Economically Sensitive’ will force someone to think creatively when it comes to saving money.  For me, when I know I saved money it makes me feel great. I can put those savings into better use, like towards a tropical vacation or putting it in my investment account so my money can grow and grow.

Below are 13 easy ways you can save big money and fast. I have tried and continued to use every single one of these tips and they have saved me a bundle throughout the years. If you try just half of these methods, I am sure you will save more money as well.


Replace your old light bulbs with LED light bulbs

This is a huge utility bill saver. I used to use old fluorescent light bulbs that generated so much heat. Not to mention they eat up a lot of electricity. You can easily replace all your old light bulbs with LED bulbs. You can get them on Amazon .  They are super-efficient and they do not generate heat. You will definitely see a reduction on your electric bill when you use LED bulbs.  They are also better for the environment.


Increase your Thermostat in the summer

In the summer time, just turn your AC off when nobody is home (unless you have pets). Or if you have central air, increase the set temperature on your thermostat. For every degree that you increase your thermostat, you save a good deal of money. I have mine set to 75 degrees and it is pretty comfortable for me, my partner and our dog.  Another money saving tip is having a ceiling fan or a pedestal fan. Keep it aimed at you while you are sleeping instead of blasting your AC. You will save a ton of money on your electricity bill.


Call your Cable/Internet provider at least once a month

Cable TV and internet is expensive as you all know. So you should call your provider at least once a month and see if you can qualify for a lower monthly price or any promotions they have going on at the moment.  They know the competition in their industry is stiff so you should definitely take advantage of that. I have gotten my cable/internet bill lowered many times by practicing this tip which results in a lot of money saved. Everyone should try this tip, the worst they can say is no.


Call your cell phone provider at least once a month

The same method from tip # 3 applies here too. Just call your cell phone provider once a month and check if you can qualify for a lower monthly price or any promotions they have going on at the moment. I recently got a new cell phone plan with AT&T. I was able to get unlimited everything for a lower price then what I was paying before.  Competition is even stiffer in this industry than cable/internet. So give it a try, you’ll never know unless you do.


Get your clothes fixed at your tailor and your shoes fixed at a shoe repair shop instead of buying new stuff

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This tip has saved me a bundle of cash throughout the years. Whenever any of my jeans or slacks rips (hole in the crotch) or the armpit or elbow part of my jacket rips from wear and tear, I take them to my local tailor and have them patch it all up. It is crazy how much cheaper it is to have this done then buying new clothes to replace.  The same tip goes for your shoes. When the soles of your shoes  has a bunch of holes in them and your feet get all wet from the rain, instead of throwing them out and buying a new pair, take them to your local shoe repair or cobbler.  You will thank me later on how much money you’ll save from doing this.


Unplug devices when not in use

Believe it or not, even when your devices are shut off but still plugged into a socket, it is eating electricity. When I go on vacation or take a long weekend away from home, I unplug everything that I can in my house. This includes the TV, Alexa, speakers, lamps and appliances (not the refrigerator).  Doing this will save you some money on your utility bill.  Plus it’s safer. God forbid a house fire starts from an electrical outlet. I actually know someone that this has happened too.


For those who like to drink every now & then at a bar… Drink only during Happy Hour

I know sharing a bottle of wine at home would be the most economical thing to do here. But sometimes my friends just want to meet up at a bar, including myself.  But why should you pay more for the same drink at 9 PM then you would have paid three hours earlier?  I know some states do not have a ‘Happy Hour’, but they do in NYC where I live. For those that do not know, happy hour is when beers/cocktails are half off their usual price or when 2 drinks are sold for the price of 1. Happy hour usually occurs during the weekdays from 5 PM – 9 PM at any given bar that decides to participate in them to attract more customers.  I usually leave the bar after happy hour is over. Mostly because the drinks are no longer at a discount, but also because I can’t drink like I used too. So it’s a win win for me. Now everyone should always drink responsibly and never drink and drive.


Wait longer to get your next Haircut

I try and time my haircuts. If I am going on vacation, I usually wait until a few days before leaving to get my haircut. I know a lot of pictures will be taken on vacation so I also want to look my best. And when I look at those photos years later, my hair will be at its best shape. So this tip serves a double purpose 😉  Instead of getting a haircut every two or three weeks, try waiting at least a month before getting one. This will save you money in just two months.


Go to StubHub for sporting event tickets, especially if your team is doing badly this season

I love this tip. The NY Mets are my favorite baseball team but they happen to be doing poorly this season.  The good news is when your team is doing badly, you can easily score much cheaper tickets to watch them play.  We went to Stubhub.com  and got $6 tickets. You can watch the game with friends while being in a fun atmosphere for only $6 bucks.  How can you beat that?


Go to Library for Free movies and books

To me, the library is the gift that keeps on giving. You can get the latest movies and books all for free . But we all need to support our local libraries because most of them need funding. Please donate to them when you can as they provide great programs and benefits for our communities.


Go to your Dollar Tree store for greeting cards and gift bags 

I love the Dollar Tree store. They have great things for so cheap, especially greeting cards and gift bags. For those who have kids, you know it’s inevitable that you will need to go to another kid’s birthday party. If you went to a regular convenient or drug store, they sell greeting cards and gift bags for around 5 bucks a pop. That quickly adds up during the year. But did you know you can get greeting cards and gift bags that are just as nice for a buck each at your local dollar store?  You will save a lot of dough if you do this, especially during the holiday season.


Make your coffee at home

I know many people will refuse to give up their Starbucks or Blue Bottle coffee. But if you start making your coffee at home, you will save so much money that it’s not even funny. I challenge you to try this for just a month and you will see huge savings.


Bring your lunch to work 

Living in NYC is expensive and the average price for lunch here is about $10 bucks. I started bringing leftovers for lunch and it has saved me about $200/month.


Please let me know if you try any of these super easy big money saving tips. You should also journal everything you spend and save to help you. Click here for more info on how to become a better saver. I would love to hear your thoughts and maybe share some of your own money saving methods.


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