5 Ways to Go After What You Want In Life

    What is Your Dream? Most people have a dream, or something they rather be doing than the line of work they are currently in.  I’ve heard so many times that someone would love to open their own store, or be their own boss. But they do absolutely nothing to try and achieve it. 

Can Money Really Buy Health?

I’ve always said money could never buy time or your health. But two nights ago I was in the Emergency Room at a hospital in Manhattan.  My partner’s blood pressure was through the roof. He’s had a fever and a massive headache for almost two weeks. So he finally checked himself into the hospital. He

Student Loans: Don’t Do It!

It’s the Most Dangerous Debt You Can Have Student loans are so dangerous because in most cases, you cannot get rid of them even if you file for bankruptcy. You heard right, even if you don’t have a roof over your head and food to eat, you are still responsible for paying back your student